Race for the Cure

This past Saturday I woke up in the dark, pulled on my clothes and sneakers and forced myself to eat a filling breakfast.

Then I raced from the front door to my car (no matter how safe or unsafe the neighborhood I live in is I’m still afraid of people jumping out at me in the dark) and drove to downtown St. Pete. Where I was met with a traffic jam as soon as I got off the highway.

After searching and searching for a spot I ended up parking and walking the few blocks to the meeting place.

All in the name of breast cancer prevention and awareness 🙂

A new friend of mine forms a Race for the Cure team every year and this year I was glad to be a part of it. She ended up having 54 people on her team…what a rockstar! And because we had such a large team we got our own tent to hang out in during the races.

There was a 10K a 5K and a fun run. I walked the 5K, but am still kicking myself for not trying to run it. Next time! It seemed longer than the Alzheimer’s walk, but I think I could have done it.

I could not get over how many people were there!

Here we go!

It was a wonderful route…we walked along the water, by some favorite downtown attractions and throughout the downtown/Old Northeast neighborhood. And the weather was PERFECT. We are finally getting some cool weather here in FL and I am so thankful not to sweat immediately upon going outside.


Love our team’s name 🙂

Plenty of healthy snacks.

Overall great time!

This has inspired me to want to do a race/walk every month, or at least every other month if there is one. Looking into causes 🙂 I love the feeling of giving back and also doing something good for yourself as well! I don’t personally know anyone with breast cancer, but a friend explained that the Race for the Cure has become a rally of women, which is inspiring in itself. While we were walking I got teary eyed as I saw women with “In memory” and “In celebration” of papers pinned to the backs of their t-shirts. So many of them had more than one or two names on them.

Here’s to walking/running for a healthier and better tomorrow!

Conversation Starter: Are you doing the Race for the Cure this month? Do you participate in walks/races for charities?

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