Social Fresh 2013

I still remember sitting in my dorm room freshmen year of college, creating my Facebook page. Back when there was no timeline and status posts automatically started with “is”. Back then marketing wasn’t a career I was even considering and it certainly never occurred to me that Facebook was just the beginning of a “social media craze”.

Fast forward to the beginning of my marketing career and the beginning of our social media plan at work. Fresh out of college and the one of the few who understood how to “work” Facebook I was donned the keeper of our Facebook page. (Please note this is normally a no-no…you don’t want just anyone to take over your social media accounts…luckily I had a good grasp on our company’s feel and vision.)

Once we had a handle on Facebook, a Twitter account was created. Then a Plaxo, a StumbleUpon, a LinkedIn, a YouTube…some would get left behind (anyone even remember what Plaxo is?) and others were built upon.

As the years went on I became a self-proclaimed social media nerd. I loved keeping up with the latest news and was fascinated when all the new sites came into play. Foursquare, Pinterest and Instagram are now my favorites along with Facebook.

I’ve tried to pinpoint what I love so much about social media. I’ve realized it’s the same thing that keeps us watching reality TV shows, reading blogs and magazines about celebrities. Connection. The feeling of being connected to people. Even though they’re strangers to me, I love interacting with the people who like our page. I love hearing the wonderful things they have to say about our company. And the negative? I enjoy that too, because I always do my best to resolve any issue in a timely manner. And it makes me feel good to be able to right a situation.

Because of my job, and because of my love for social media, I’ve attended a good handful of social media conferences. The majority of them, however, have just been “eh”. I’m always optimistic though, saying to myself, “If I learn at least one new thing it will be worth it.” And while the information presented is basic social media knowledge, I do tend to learn at least one new thing from a conference.

Last year, as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, I kept seeing updates from an acquaintance using the hashtag #socialfresh along with social media tidbits and declarations of how much fun she was having. I looked up Social Fresh and immediately grew envious.

Social Fresh is the social media conference. It’s not your basic “this is how you set up a Facebook page” kind of conference. Leaders in the industry from companies such as JetBlue, Campbell’s, Dunkin Donuts and well-known agencies are the speakers and give you advanced social media skills. I am beyond excited to attend this conference this year. I literally did a mini happy dance in my office chair when I confirmed that I could attend.

I use social media in so many facets of my life, I’m so excited to learn as many new skills as I can. I’m also eager to learn how I can grow my social media presence for this here blog of mine. Building a presence from the ground up has proven tricky for me. I’m ready to learn!

Social Fresh East will be in Tampa on Thursday, April 18 – Friday, April 19. For more information about Social Fresh, including a list of the speakers, the agenda and registration, visit

I was not compensated for this post, but I am receiving a complimentary pass to this conference in exchange for this post.

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