Fashion Flash Mob and Running for Cupcakes

Sooo want to know what’s fun? Spilling water on your Macbook Pro, rushing it to the Apple store and finding out it’s unfixable and nothing can be saved. Lesson of the day folks. Back up your computer! We backed up everything when we got this computer…4 years ago…so there’s definitely stuff that we lost.

Another lesson of the day? It’s not the end of the world. Yes, breaking a computer sucks. But at the end of the day, it is just a material item. Albeit an expensive and important material item…it is not the most important thing in the world. In situations such as this, it’s important to remember that there’s a solution for everything and that everything will work out.

Now on to some fun things…

My friend Lora had forwarded me an email from an art gallery looking for models for an upcoming fashion event. I don’t consider myself a true model, but I’ve dabbled here and there, mostly just for fun. I think it goes hand in hand with theater…it’s performing!

The Basement

The gallery is called The Basement, and it is literally a basement that these two women own to showcase local artists. They have event once a month and now I know that they exist I’ll definitely be back.

The Basement

Friday was the fashion event, which was showcasing ShockT. ShockT’s are white t-shirts designed by artist Courtney Graham. They’re really neat, check them out!


The models were used in a “fashion flash mob”. Basically there were 7 designated points in the gallery. We each were at one point for 7 minutes and then rotated. Two of the points were photographers, where did a mini photo shoot. Such fun!

BWL Photography

(Credit: BWL Photography)

Courtney and the owners were so sweet and nice. Courtney even let us keep the shirts we modeled!I love the cut out sleeves.

Saturday morning, I got up bright and early for Race for the Cupcake! This was a 5k that a local 5th grader put together to support Rise Up! St. Pete. This was the first time I’ve done a locally run race and it was quite fun. I thought it was so neat that a 10 year old put this all together in the name of a good cause! The best part? You got a cupcake at the end!

Race for the Cupcake

The race was on Pass-A-Grille beach and was a simple out and back on the sand. My co-worker, Wendy, was also running it. She is speedy, but has been sick so she ran with me (the slow poke) the whole time. I don’t think I could have done this race without her! I have only gotten a few runs in since I’ve been sick so I was very unprepared for this race. I kept thinking “it’s only a 5k” and thought I’d be able to bang it out no problem. Wrong. After mile 1 I was ready to walk. But Wendy wouldn’t have it. She pushed me the whole way, encouraging me and giving me tips. Thanks to her I came in at 30:20. No PR here, but I definitely wasn’t expecting to do that well after not running for so long.

I apologize for the lack of photos. I got to this race after the computer incident happened and was still upset/worried. I wanted to run the race and get home to deal with the situation. I didn’t even grab my cupcake! But that was mostly because after running a hard 3 miles at 8 a.m., a cupcake was the last thing I wanted.

After the computer situation was handled, I spent the rest of the day with my mom. We checked out the new Container Store in Tampa, which was just as crazy busy as I imagined. But we got what we came for…


(Photo Credit)

These are the best invention ever. Shoe boxes that are clear so you can see what shoes are inside and have a drop down door on the side so you don’t have to take every single box out of your closet to get to the pair you want. Genius! We cleared them out.

freeFall Theatre

On Sunday, I went to see Bernarda Alba at freeFall Theatre for Articulate. Amazing, amazing show. Locals, see it if you can! Keep an eye out for my blog highlighting it.

freeFall Theatre

Hope you all have a good week ahead of you!

Have you ever spilled anything on your computer? Or had some other terrible mishap with your computer?

I’ve actually done this before. I was working on my boss’ work laptop and knocked over my water onto it. It instantly died and I instantly started to freak out. Luckily, she wasn’t mad!

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  1. I love Courtney’s Ts! I saw some photos with her in them, but did not realize you were there too. I’m glad you had fun. But I’m sorry you lost a laptop and a cupcake. There are worse things…

  2. Very cool idea with the fashion flash mob. The picture is BEAUTIFUL! You look fantastic 🙂 I have never done a cupcake run! 8am is pretty early, but man I would still have to get one. My inner sugar feign wouldn’t allow me to leave without it. I’ve never run on the sand. I have enough trouble just walking on it, much less running!

    1. Thank you!! 🙂 I did regret not grabbing one, but I think I was too focused on getting home. This was the first time I had run on the sand…it wasn’t too bad! It was hard, packed sand so felt just like running on a normal road.

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