Mother’s Day Weekend

My Mother’s Day weekend was filled with fun times with my Mom. I’m so glad to have her close by, especially knowing when others aren’t as lucky.

My weekend actually started out with dinner with Ashley. We went to Tsunami to get hibachi and sushi. Yum yum yum! You can recall my first ever hibachi experience here. It was just as awesome the second time around!

Saturday morning I rose early because I wanted to go to Mazzaro’s Italian Market to get some dinner supplies for Mother’s Day. For you locals, you know how crazy it can get there on a Saturday! I ended up getting there about 9:45 a.m. 45 minutes after they opened. I luckily found a spot right away. When I walked in the cashier lines were all 10 people deep. I took a breath a braced myself.

Thankfully it wasn’t all that bad! I was waited on right away at each counter I went to…it helped that I knew exactly what I wanted! I started to look through the aisles and endcaps, but talked myself out of what could have been an outrageous purchase. I ended up getting only the things I came in for…imagine that!

One of those things were two huge Muffalettas for Jon and I for lunch. It was reallllyyyy hard not to break this open before a reasonable lunch time (which was 11:30 for us).


I’m drooling just thinking about these sandwiches! SO good.


While we ate lunch we watched The Impossible. Not a good movie to watch while you’re eating FYI. But definitely an awesome movie. I can’t even imagine going through what all those people went through and can’t believe the story of this amazing family.



Later that day I went to see John & Jen at freeFall Theatre for Articulate. And took my mom as part of our Mother’s Day weekend 🙂

freefall theatre

I swear I should just instantly start crying every time I enter freeFall’s theater because it’s inevitable that it will happen. Every show I’ve seen this season has struck me in some way and turned on the water works. John & Jen was a wonderful production. Look for my full recap at later this week.

That night I took it easy and Ashley and I watched My Week With Marilyn, which I’ve been meaning to watch for forever.



Another great movie! Love love love Michelle Williams. She was Marilyn.

My mom and I didn’t do too much for actual Mother’s Day, but it was still a nice day of spending time with one another. We ended spending the whole day at the mall. And for dinner I made delicious food from Mazzaro’s which included cheese ravioli, garlic bread and cannolis. So easy to whip up and everything was delicious.

After dinner we watched Guilt Trip (lots of movie watching happened this weekend!), which was a cute movie to watch on Mother’s Day.



What did you do for Mother’s Day?


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