Paleo Day 6 And Final Thoughts on Paleo

Friday was my last day of following a 100% Paleo diet. Although it was not 100% Paleo.


Smoothie with almond milk, frozen strawberries, protein powder and…peanut butter (not Paleo).




Leftover sauteed chicken, roasted root vegetables and broccoli rabe


Dried pears


Hot dog, chips and Oreos (Went to a Rays game and it was impossible to find anything Paleo. Plus my Mom brought snacks.)

Final Thoughts

I went Paleo for these 5 days as a jump start to eating healthier. I had been relying too much on carbs and was letting my sweet tooth get the best of me. I also thought my body was not agreeing with all the dairy I was having. Going Paleo definitely helped me rethink my meals and how I can fit more veggies in my diet and do other small substitutions to eat healthier and make sure I’m getting better nutrients. I did feel slightly deprived though and because of that I don’t think I’ll ever follow the diet 100%. I still hold a strong belief that you should eat what you want in moderation and not have a panic attack if you have something “bad” for you. As long as your eating healthy 80% of the time it’s ok to indulge once and again.

I do feel lighter after this week, which feels great. I had been feeling bloated lately and was not liking it. I also lost 2 pounds, which I believe was that bloating I was feeling. I’m definitely going to continue to not eat as many grains and dairy as I think my body feels better that way.

I also mentioned that I had been feeling funky and lightheaded the past week. That has gone away since I started adding back grains. I feel back to my normal self.

If you feel like you need a jump start to eating healthier I’d recommend trying out Paleo, but listen to your body and give it what it needs to fuel itself. And remember that not every way of eating is for everybody.


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