Key West 2013

About a week before Christmas I got a call from Jon’s sister Tori asking me if I wanted to spend the weekend after Christmas in Key West. Ummm…YES! Word to the wise: never turn down a trip to Key West. It’s guaranteed fun!

Unfortunately Jon had to work and couldn’t take time off. I drove down to Cape Coral Friday morning and did some work until everyone was all ready to get on the road.


Key West here we come!

Jon’s sister Alyson is in the drivers seat. In the back we have our friend Nick, Jon’s sister Tori and her boyfriend, Adrian.

From Cape Coral to Key West it’s about 6 hours. We ran into traffic and took quite a few stops so it took us about 7. It sounds long…and it is…but it’s always fun with friends.


This was a surprise trip for Adrian. He lives in England and had never been to Florida before. We had fun going down Alligator Alley and trying to spot alligators for him.

We even pulled off at a rest stop where we saw one in the water!




We didn’t have time to stop for dinner so we got fancy and made sandwiches out of the back of the car.





It was after 8 p.m. when we got into Key West. We arrived at The Garden House, where we were staying the for the weekend. We unpacked and rallied for a night out on the town.

Our first stop was Irish Kevins, a favorite of ours. They always have awesome entertainment and a great vibe.


Next was Sloppy Joes, which also had a fun group playing.

Then it was Captain Tony’s Saloon, where we tried to get coins in the fish’s mouth. I never knew this was a thing!




We tried to go to The World’s Smallest Bar, but it was already a bit crowded (ha). So we decided to get some pizza…


…and call it a night.

The next morning we headed to the beach, which I had never been to in Key West. It was a bit windy and a little chilly, but the sun poked out a few times.


And Nick tried to go spear fishing…without much luck.


When lunchtime rolled around we headed to another favorite spot, Hog’s Breath Saloon. I was so hungry I didn’t get a pic, but I had the Chicken Dinner, which came with rice, beans and plantains. Yum!

After lunch we stopped at Flying Monkey for the typical Key West frozen drink.


Mine was a mix of pina colada and a rum runner…mmm!


We headed back to the B&B for some pool time and to get ready for that night’s festivities.


For those who have been to Key West before you’ll know that it’s a very…colorful, place. I call it the Vegas of Florida. We hit up all of our favorite “colorful” places that night, including Garden of Eden and Bourbon Street. But the experience of the night was bull riding at Cowboy Bill’s.



How classic is my face??

This was my first mechanical bull riding experience. In a dress no less! Let me just say…that ish hurts!! I had bruises on my thighs for a week.

I am the least adventurous person I know, even when it comes to stuff like this. When I got on the bull I felt like I was high up and then when it started moving it moved faster than I thought. And then I just wanted off because I didn’t want to get thrown. I tried to let the girl who was controlling it know I wanted her to turn it off, but she wasn’t having it. I eventually got thrown off, but all was good! What an experience and what fun!

You know you’re getting old(er) when you’re ready to hit the hay at 11 p.m. We made it an early night, but we had had a long day.

In the morning we packed up the car and headed out. But more adventures awaited us!

We had to stop at Robbie’s so Adrian could feed tarpon!






If you ever got to Key West this is a must stop place. Touristy but fun. We stop each and every time.

Our next stop was in the Everglades…


We were going on an airboat ride! This stop was a surprise to me and Adrian. I’d never been on an airboat tour so I was very excited.







Our boat captain was a lot of fun and he told us some cool stories. We zipped and zagged through mangroves and saw another alligator. And the captain even pretended to throw me overboard to fed me to the gator haha.


If you ever have a chance to take an airboat ride, I highly reccommend it. It’s one of those typical Florida things I think you just have to do.

And that’s another Key West trip in the books!




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  1. Vegas for Florida, I like that! I went to KW for my bachelorette party, but that was three years ago and I am DYING to go back and take Jason this time. Looks like you had a great time!

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