Best Damn Race 2014

Yes…this post is long overdue…but better late than never right?

Everyone has that race…the one they don’t train for. For me that was last weekend’s 10k at Best Damn Race.

It wasn’t intentional. I was fully prepared to train for a 10k and was glad that I chose an achievable distance that I could work on PRing at. For those who aren’t familiar with Best Damn Race they are known for opening up their registration price for races at $1 and going up $1 as time passes. I don’t remember how much I ended up paying for the 10k, but I know it was a steal. The first year they did it their site broke down because of all the traffic! They do registration early…almost a year before race day…so by the time it nears it kind of sneaks up on you.

Anyway, long story short, Jon and I ended up getting invited to a wedding on the same day as Best Damn Race. So since we planned on going to the wedding I was going to give up my race entry and not race. But then last minute Jon had to work and Massage Envy was actually a sponsor of the race and was doing chair massages so I had to work too.

I went back and forth between wanting to race or not. I hadn’t been running AT ALL since my half in November (how’s that for a break?). But the night before, at a co-workers encouragement I decided to run anyway. Training or no training.

My alarm went off at 5 a.m. Whew, I had not seen that hour in a lonngg time.

Driving wasn’t bad at all. At that hour no one else is around…things slowed down a bit as I neared the race site. I drove around for a bit trying to find parking and eventually ended up in a dirt lot, which wasn’t far from the race start.

As I started towards the start line I found a few friends and we chatted until it was time to race. However, there were some snafus, which caused the race to start late.

Once we finally got going I tried to start off at a good pace. Eventually I had to allow myself to take a walking break. Once I took that first break I knew it was going to be a long walk/run race. I just took it little by little, mile by mile. I purposely left my headphones at home since I wanted to just experience the race in full. I loved hearing the rhythmic pounding of everyone’s sneakers hitting the pavement. And people watching as we made loops. There were some boring parts though as we ran up and down streets with no cheerers or spectators in sight.

Eventually the end was near. I could hear cheering and an MC yelling out people’s names. The finish line was in sight and I pumped out all I had and crossed the line at 01:09:41.

Definitely not a PR that I would have originally hoped for months ago. But considering I walked a good amount of the race I was pretty happy with that time!

After I crossed the finish line I headed towards the massage tent where I remained for the next few hours working the Massage Envy table and getting people loosened up with chair massages. It was a great morning!


The day after the race an email came into my inbox from the race director that was to everyone who ran the race the day before. It was lengthy and explained all of the snafus that happened, why they happened and how they were going to fix it. This only begin the second year of the race there are bound to be some things that need to get worked out. But I was SO impressed that he took the time to write that email and it really showed how passionate he is about making the Best Damn Race…well, the best damn race! Looking forward to next year!

Did you run Best Damn Race?

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