My Favorite Places For Healthy On The Go Meals

One of the major changes I needed to adjust to with my new job was my eating schedule. I’m either at home or I’m out and about going to meetings, events, visiting with coworkers, etc. I’ll often find myself out around lunch time and the inevitable question presents itself…where should I go get lunch?

Thankfully, I’m highly turned off by fast food (i.e. MacDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King). Also, thankfully, I’ve found that there are many places where it is easy to stop in and grab a healthy meal.

Here are some of my favorite places to go and grab a quick, healthy meal. Convenient doesn’t have to be bad for you!



This one is probably the post obvious, but who doesn’t love Panera? With an array of soups, sandwiches and salads your taste buds can never get bored. I also love how they list their calories on their menu. I’m a big fan of the You Pick Two and my new fav combo is the Roasted Turkey Avocado Sandwich and the Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad. I highly recommend getting their rewards card for freebies and discounts!

Little Greek


Even though this place is a chain it’s my favorite Greek place in St. Pete (there’s not a lot of options). I haven’t even had their gyro because every time I go I can’t help but get their Greek salad. Their grilled chicken is amazing! It has that grilled taste and really makes the salad.

Chipotle/Tijuana Flats



I’m a burrito bowl lover and both of these locations offer an awesome, fresh tasting burrito bowl (in Tijuana Flat’s case it’s the Noritto Bowl). Rice, beans, meat and salsa. Can’t go wrong with that.



This is a local eatery that serves up sushi at a fast pace. Think of Subway but with sushi. You can choose from one of their signature rolls or create your own. You can even substitute brown rice! They also have lots of healthy side options such as miso soup, seaweed salad and cucumber salad.

Publix/Whole Foods/Fresh Market/Rollin’ Oats

I love Publix for when I want a freshly made wrap. It’s also easy to grab healthy snacks like fruit bowls, veggies, etc. Whole Foods has an awesome (albeit costly) salad bar and I love that I can grab a pre made juice/smoothie. Fresh Market also has freshly made sandwiches, salads, sides and sushi already ready to grab and go. Rollin’ Oats is one of my favorite grocery stores in St. Pete. They also have a grab and go area with freshly made sandwiches and salads. Or you can order off their menu at their cafĂ©. I also love getting a fresh juice or smoothie here as well.

What are your favorite on the go places?

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  1. I love Little Greek! They have my favorite Greek Salad too, but the Gyro’s are delicious. I normally order a Gyro with a side greek salad and it lasts for 2 meals. They also have a really yummy lemon chicken soup that is great when you are sick.

    I need to stop in Rollin’ Oats. I keep hearing about them, but I haven’t visited yet.

    I also like Fitlife Foods. They are pricey though and some of their meals are better than others. I love the Salmon.
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    1. Rollin’ Oats is amazing! Especially since they redid their St. Pete location.

      I forgot about Fitlife Foods! But yes, I agree some of their meals are better than others.

    1. I think you’d like it Nichole! It’s great when you want a quick sushi fix. One of their add ins is sweet potato fries…sounds weird I know, but they are so tasty! Who knew?

  2. I haven’t been to all of these places, but Chipotle and Publix veggie subs are my go to when I’m out and about and need a meal! I’m going to have to find a Rollboto, it sounds good!

    1. I never knew what a good sub was until I had a Publix sub! I think Rollboto is only in St. Pete so hopefully you live close by!

    1. That is so great to know about Panera! We have our monthly manager meetings at Mitchell’s for work and I love their food!

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