Tijuana Flats Tasting Event

Mexican food is one of my favorite foods. I swear I always say that I could live on rice and beans and be perfectly happy.

And while I love hitting up a neighborhood Mexican restaurant sometimes you need something a bit faster and a bit more casual. Enter Tijuana Flats. 


I was first introduced to Tijuana Flats when I came down here to Florida for college. One of my best friends loved their flautas and Tijuana Flats was our go-to place to get our Mexican fix. Their affordable prices also agreed with our college student budgets 🙂

Today, Tijuana Flats is still a regular place for me to dine. It’s a favorite for me and my mom for a quick and tasty dinner. There are many fast casual mexican restaurants out there, but Tijuana Flats holds the standard high. Their food is consistently good and ALWAYS tastes fresh. Nothing is overly fried or doused in salty sauce. They use fresh veggies and their meat is hormone free. And they use NO microwaves, freezers or canned foods…everything is made fresh to order. 

Tijuana Flats is also just a FUN place. Each restaurant is plastered with funny bumper stickers and cheeky phrases painted on the walls. And the staff is always extremely friendly. They greet you with big smiles and a nice, big “hello!” They check on you while you’re eating and say goodbye when you leave.

When the Tampa Bay Bloggers got asked to attend a tasting at the Tijuana Flats at South Tampa I jumped at the chance. Even though I go there all the time this was a great opportunity for me to try new dishes that I normally don’t get.

First things first…drink me! 


Tijuana Flats has great sangria, as well as a great variety of beer and wine.

Chips, queso, salsa and guacamole were immediately brought to our table. I LOVE their guac…so fresh!


As we snacked on our chips and dips the restaurant manager and owner talked with us for a few minutes and told us more about how Tijuana Flats came to be. Did you know it was started by a college kid in Winter Park, FL? Yup! Brian Wheeler opened the first Tijuana Flats in 1995 thanks to a loan from his father. He also created a line of delicious hot sauces, which you can find at the Hot Bar in each Tijuana Flats. Over the next few years Tijuana Flats grew and grew and now there are 100 restaurants in 6 states! 

Tijuana Flats is much more than tacos and burritos, however. They are very big into giving back to their local community. They even have a foundation called Just in Queso, which has given $2,100,000 to date! The foundation helps individuals, organizations and communities in need. Tragedies are never planned and it’s the foundation’s hope to be there to help when tragedy strikes. 


Tijuana Flats also loves to support veterans!


This is all another reason why I love supporting Tijuana Flats…they’re not just about good, fresh food. They are involved in supporting their communities and being a part of something bigger. 

Now, back to the food!

First up were their chicken and beef flautas.

I haven’t had these since my college days, but they were SO good. Not heavily fried and they were bursting with yummy meat and cheese.


Next up was their Bangin’ Chicken Burrito, which was amazing. Their bangin’ chicken is fried chicken covered in their hot sauce. The burrito also has ranch in it so it basically tastes like an awesome game day burrito.


Next were their tostadas, which I had never tried before. Lightly fried tortillas topped with meat, cheese, refried beans and salsa. This version had the bangin’ chicken on them and they were very tasty.



Chicken tacos were next! Their soft tortilla tacos are a regular order for me. Simply done with meat, beans, cheese, tomato, lettuce and sour cream. The tacos are the best dish to try different hot sauces on!



And for dessert we got to try their cookie dough flautas. If I wasn’t so full already I would have housed close to the whole plate. So decadent and so good. Psst…we were told that if you happen to take home leftovers they are also excellent frozen!



Looking to try out Tijuana Flats? Make sure to check them out on Tijuana Tuesdaze or Throwback Thursdaze!


Have you ever been to Tijuana Flats? What’s your favorite meal there?

Disclaimer: I attended this event along with the Tampa Bay Bloggers. We were given complimentary meals in exchange for a blog post. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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