Foodie Finds April 2017

foodie finds

Trader Joe’s Red Lentil Pasta

trader joe's

Even though I’m not gluten free I’m still intrigued with alternative pastas. Mostly because they pack more nutrients than plain ol’ pasta. This red lentil pasta caught my eye in Trader Joe’s and I had to try it. My plans for these pretty things? Cauliflower alfredo sauce, peas and chicken sausage…mmm.

Found at: Trader Joe’s



These little morsels are as addictive as they look. Popcorn is one of our favorite snacks at home. When I saw Pipcorn was on sale at Whole Foods I grabbed a bag of Salt & Vinegar and a bag of Truffle. Because if a food product has “truffle” on it, I need to have it. Both flavors were SO good and make for the perfect snack while snuggling on the couch watching movies.

Found at: Whole Foods

Trader Joe’s Matcha White Chocolate Bar

trader joe's

As Jon stated, “It tastes like matcha caramel”. Jon is not a big white chocolate person, but it was hard to get him to save me a few pieces of this bar. The matcha and white chocolate are the perfect combo for a sweet treat.

Found at: Trader Joe’s

Red Ace Beet Shots

red ace

My acupuncturist has told me that potassium is gold and these Red Ace shots were on sale at Whole Foods so I thought I’d give them a try since beets are high in potassium. I took one before a workout the other day and it made me feel awesome. I have some minor heart issues that potassium is said to help with and I do feel like the shot helped me. And they taste great!

Found at: Whole Foods

Amazing Grass Bars

amazing grass

These bars were BOGO at Whole Foods so I couldn’t resist, plus I love trying new bars. The ingredients in these bad boys are top notch…they’re chock full of goodness. However, their taste leaves something to be desired. Needless to say, I don’t think I’d grab these again.

Found at: Whole Foods

What are some of your recent foodie finds?

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  1. I love the foodie finds. I’ve never heard of Picporn but the name alone is enough to make me want to try some. The chocolate chip and coconut grass bars look amazing too. Need to go shopping!

  2. I love white chocolate! The addition of Matcha green tea has me intrigued! I have heard that beet supplements are ideal for pre and post workouts. I have also read where turmeric aids in getting rid of inflammation, something I struggle with in my mid and lower back. I’ve recently gotten back into working out and I can use all the help!

  3. What a wonderful round-up of healthy favorites! Admittedly when I first clicked the link I thought .. ok .. maybe there are some here that I could have every once in a while. Not so .. they’re all amazing. I’m especially intrigued by the Red Ace shots. Beets are a favorite .. and paired with turmeric or greens one can’t go wrong!

  4. Oh, so many great goodies here. I have recently discovered Matcha green tea. It’s beneficial to my PCOS health, so I’m all in! I can’t wait to try the other products, as well.

  5. I love your April food finds. I am in love with popcorn so i’m going to have to check out this pipcorn. Thank you for sharing your goodies! <3

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