Blue Moon Yoga Practice With Illuminated Living

Last Friday I had the wonderful pleasure of attending Annette Scott of Illuminated Living’s Blue Moon yoga practice. 

From the Illuminated Living website: 

As a licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher and personal trainer Annette has spent the last 10 years of her career uniting her love for teaching, bodywork, yoga, nutrition, aromatherapy, energy work, functional anatomy and dynamic exercise.

As an instructor, she has a friendly, engaging approach that conveys her deep enthusiasm and love for learning. She combines the wisdom of pioneers alongside current research and development with her passion to create an inspiring, holistic and dynamic learning environment.

Her life and practice is an integration of intuition and intellect that is grounded in the belief of deep listening and presence. She is guided by an abiding trust in the wisdom of the human body and nature. Annette continues to work in the field as a massage therapist, personal trainer, yoga teacher, clinical aromatherapist, lifestyle and nutrition coach and doula.

Annette’s Blue Moon practice was an all female practice geared towards us using the moon’s energy to seek balance and beauty within ourselves. A blue moon is seen as a time to start a new phase in our lives. To put the past behind us and look forward towards the future.

Our practice was supposed to be on the beach beneath the moon itself. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating. Thankfully we had the use of a spacious common room that served it’s purpose perfectly.


We started our practice with a prayer outside, opening ourselves to receiving energy from the east, west, south, north, earth and the sky. 


We did our practice surrounded by candle light and moved through a variety of poses, with a focus on heart and hip openers.



Annette also led us through a variety of chants, which I had yet to experience in my yoga practice. The chants made me feel more open, gave me more energy and made me feel more connected to our practice.



The energy throughout the room was amazing and I loved the energy our all female practice was creating. The practice left me feeling more energized, more open to my inner thoughts and also more open to what lays ahead in the future.



After our practice, we had some fun!


Bottles of wine were opened, snacks and dessert were set out and lovely conversations were had.




The weather had cleared up so we were able to walk down to the beach and enjoy the smooth breezes as we sipped our wine and mingled with one another.


Annette’s Blue Moon practice was an amazing experience and I look forward to attending more of her workshops in the future. This was also my first time meeting Annette and she herself, is a warm, friendly and wonderful woman who exudes a very positive energy. 

For more information on Annette and her services, including upcoming workshops visit her website at

Disclaimer: I attended this workshop at no charge in exchange for a blog post. My opinions, as always, are my own.

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