What’s On My Plate – 08/10/15





A delicious breakfast creation by Jon. He’s been really into slow scrambled eggs lately. These eggs were atop toasted baguette, avocado and tomato coulis.



A splurge breakfast! Chocolate croissant from Piquant paired with my morning latte.



I’ve been on an avocado toast kick lately. This was mashed avocado, lox and goat cheese. Hard boiled egg on the side for extra protein.



More avocado toast! Thin layer of onion and chive cream cheese, sliced avocado and lox.



A simple favorite. Toast with peanut butter and banana.



Anddd even more avocado toast! Mashed avocado with sliced hard boiled egg and sriracha. 





Sometimes yummy eats are not pretty eats! Twice baked potato topped with turkey chili. Yum!



After an indulgent day the next day I like to balance out with a colorful salad. Spinach, cucumber, radish, artichokes, hearts of palm and sundried tomatoes. 



More salad! Turkey, a nice cheese that friends brought over, sundried tomatoes and spinach.



This was a meal I whipped together when I thought “there was nothing to eat”. Tomato soup and half a grilled cheese with horseradish cheddar and turkey bacon.



Mmm Bodega for lunch is one of my favs! Pork, rice, black beans and sweet plantains. *drool*



Sandwiches from Pom Pom’s! Jon and I like to split. This was there tuna melt and the turkey with bacon.




We tried Roux for brunch just yesterday and it was delicious! Love their bloody mary’s and this jambalaya was full of flavor and cajun spice.





Quinoa casserole with chicken and mushrooms with a side of asparagus. 



A wonderful Jon creation. Grouper topped with a little brie and mango pineapple salsa. Wild rice and sauteed kale.



And this is what we call leftovers in our house. Pork tenderloin topped with mango pineapple salsa, wild rice with kale and steamed green beans.



This was a new pinterest recipe I tried and it was one of the best quinoa casseroles I’ve had to date! Chicken Chili Quinoa Casserole with chicken, black beans, corn and kale.



I had been craving a huge cobb salad for awhile and finally made one. And it was everything I had dreamed of. Roasted chicken, hard boiled eggs, avocado, radish, cucumber, tomato, turkey bacon and creamy ranch dressing.



I tried this new quinoa pizza crust, which was a yummy and healthy alternative to regular pizza. Find the recipe here.



Before a yoga workshop I wanted a light dinner and sushi from Fresh Market fit the bill!



Feta and spinach stuffed chicken from Fresh Market served with steamed green beans and roasted potatoes. 



These are the BEST chicken wings around. Look at all those garlic bits! You can find these at Chumlee’s in Ellenton. 



Stuffed pepper casserole with ground turkey. Another favorite, tasty and easy casserole!



Another simple, easy and tasty dinner. Baked chicken with ajvar sauce. Served with wild rice and sauteed kale.




Dinner at Ozona Blue in Palm Harbor. This was one of the best dinners I’ve had lately. Everything was fresh and bursting with flavor. 



Bunless burger and fries at Del Frisco’s in Tampa! A yummy meal with a close friend! Another restaurant I’m eager to get back to. 





Key lime flavored yogurt covered pretzels from Fresh Market. SO good.



Peanut butter and honey mixed with greek yogurt and served with bananas…a yummy post workout snack!



A favorite smoothie…almond milk, banana, peanut butter and frozen strawberries. Tastes like PB&J!



I found a new juice place in St. Pete! Super cute shop and super good juice!



Our new favorite dessert. Goat cheese stuffed dates topped with crushed walnuts and drizzled with honey.

What’s been on your plate lately?

Yoga, Bodega and a Tiki Party

I need more yoga in my life. I’ve been saying this for a looong time. With all the CrossFit and running I do there are many days that my body aches and yearns for a full stretch sesh.

Speaking of CrossFit I’m so in love with my new CrossFit shirt.


Cute right?

While I definitely need to incorporate a weekly class into my schedule, I got to take a Yoga for Runners class this past Tuesday at Fit2Run! My friend Lora taught the class on behalf of YogaBlu (my fav studio in St. Pete).


It was juuust what I needed. Lots of awesome poses geared towards athletes. It felt so good to stretch out. My favorite was the toe stretches we did. Our poor feet go through so much every day, they need some love!

On my way home I picked up dinner for Jon and I at The Witches Den. The owner of our favorite bar, Ale and the Witch opened up a BBQ place adjacent to the bar. Best. Idea. Ever.

The Witches Den

I can’t tell you how good this was. We tried a little bit of everything: brisket sandwich, smoked pork, beans, collared greens, macaroni salad and a black eyed pea salad. Everything was so flavorful and delicious. The best part was the sauces. They have maybe 15? I asked the woman who helped me to just choose her favorites and toss them in the bag. They were all SO good and so different from each other. Our favorite was the Texas sauce and Memphis sauce.

We got to try another new place this week, Bodega. Bodega is a spanish/cuban place on Central Avenue that I’ve been waiting to try ever since they opened. On Saturday when we were in need of lunch it was the first place that popped into my head.


Warning: there’s no indoor seating. It was a hot day when we went, but we sat a table in the back courtyard that was in the shade and it wasn’t too bad.


This orange ginger soda fresca helped. So yummy and so refreshing. My first time having a soda fresca and now I want them all the time! Bodega makes theirs with juice from local Florida fruit. They change daily to mix it up!


For my meal I got the Pollo Asado. I always feel “boring” getting chicken, but this sandwich was chock full of avocado and mango. The chicken is marinated in a coconut sauce as well. All of these flavors combined with fresh cuban bread was all my mouth could handle. So so so good. And that pickle there is homemade…and very spicy!


Jon had the mojo pork platter, which came with rice, beans and maduros. The pork was perfection and the mojo sauce was excellent. Bodega will definitely be in our restaurant rotation from now on.

Later that night Ashley and I got dolled up for a Tiki Party at ArtPool.


(Got this dress for $8 at a local boutique!)

ArtPool is one of my favorite places in St. Pete. It’s part gallery part vintage shop part cafe/hang out spot. It truly has a little bit of everything. And every month the owner throws a theme party.

We arrived just in time for the vintage swimsuit fashion show. Complete with body painted swim bottoms, oh my!


There were even inflatable pools set up in case someone wanted to take a dip!


After the show we browsed inside, where I found a locket that I bought. I’ve been searching for the perfect locket for awhile now…I wanted one to put a photo of my dad in. Now that I have it I just need to print the photo and I’d also like to get it engraved.

The rest of the party was spent sipping wine, listening to a cool band and watching people dance/hula hoop.


A fun time indeed!

This will most likely be the last you hear of me for another week. I leave Thursday for New York to visit my aunt and uncle for the weekend, so excited!

What fun things did you do this past week?

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