Tampa Bay Bloggers Fall Tasting at Datz Dough

I have a friend who just recently moved to Tampa and I have told her that I will probably put on a few pounds because each time I visit here I’m going to want to go here…

The mecca of all that is foodie. Datz Dough.

photo 41

And now I have even more reason to love Datz Dough since they’ve hired Chef Domenica Macchia as their chef. Chef Domenica has been in and out of the newspapers in the past year. Long story short she is unable to work at any St. Pete restaurant so she has been out of work for awhile. And then Dough decided to snatch her up and convince her to cross the bridge.

So so so glad that they did.

photo 31

Our Tampa Bay Bloggers group got invited to a lovely Fall Tasting, which included dishes that Chef Domenica was going to include in the new Dough menu.

photo 21

As soon as I walked in I was greeted with a Prickly Pear Mimosa.

photo 11

Cheers! This was delish and a great way to start off the evening.

After catching up with everyone and meeting some new faces we were asked to sit so the real fun could begin!

First up was the Passport Salad, which was endive with olives, figs, goat cheese and crispy garbanzo beans.

photo 51

I loved the salty sweet combo of flavors and the crunch of the garbanzos.

Next was Not Yo Mamas Mac & Cheese.

photo 3

Wow. Just…wow. This was one of the best mac & cheese dishes I have ever had. It was supposed to have a hint of heat, but I didn’t detect any heat at all. And of course no good mac & cheese is complete without a panko topping!

Up next was The Sea & The Swine. Pan seared scallop with bacon brittle.

photo 5

I have had this combo before and it is one of my favorites. I’m a huge fan of scallops and this one was cooked to perfection. The bacon brittle is a great compliment, although it kept getting stuck in my teeth!

Around this time we were brought another drink, which had bourbon in it. It was strong and I only had about half of it. I’m not usually a bourbon drinker, but it was actually good and went nicely with the scallop dish.

photo 4

The last dish was The Steaks are High, which was strip steak with a chocolate coffee sauce and blue cheese cheesecake on the side.

photo 6

I loved the cheesecake! It was perfect with the steak.

We also got an extra treat and got to try Chef’s famous duck fat fries!

photo 7

I have heard of these babies many times, but never had the chance to try one. There’s no better fry!

Dessert was a Banana Foster Boozy Shake. Enough said.

photo 8

Chef came out at the end to say a few words and we all applauded her. What an excellent meal!

photo 9

Dough’s menu is now available and it is filled with delicious dishes. I know I can’t wait to go back and try something new. And of course, get dessert!

Have you been to Dough?


How to Get Sick

First, plan a super packed week.

Go to first Running for Brews on Monday. Run a 5k and enjoy social time with friends at Ale and the Witch after.

On Tuesday, go to Lightning game in Tampa. Fight traffic to get there. Enjoy game and awesome seats although the Bolts play terribly and loose.

Tampa Bay Lightning

On Wednesday, go to Rays game. Meet up with friends at Ferg’s beforehand. Cheer on Rays. Celebrate first victory of the season! Get a post game snack with Jon at Crowley’s.

Tampa Bay Rays

On Thursday, head to Tampa to retrieve dead computer and buy new one. Follow up with sampling event at Datz Dough. After getting a sugar buzz have dinner at Pane Rustica.

Datz Dough

On Friday, wake up with sniffles and slight stuffiness in the nose. Once 4:30 p.m. hits, feel instantly exhausted. Go to dinner with friend at BellaBrava and have dessert at Yogurtology. Go home, take NyQuil, pass out.

Wake up Saturday morning still feeling stuffy with a cloudy head. Go to Junior League Board Retreat for awesome day of training and fun. Cancel all other plans, realizing body needs a rest.

Sunday, go to CrossFit even though you’re still feeling sick because you haven’t been all week. Follow up with an uber relaxing 2 hour Restorative Yoga class with Lora.

Needless to say, I packed wayyy too much into my week last week. I had so much fun, but I am definitely feeling it now thanks to my acquired head cold. Luckily, it’s not pneumonia, but a red flag is being waved around in my head to signal that I need to slow down. Yet another reminder to us all that we cannot always be gogogo. It is essential to plan downtime along with funtime. Thankfully, this week I do not have much planned. Here’s to a week of recovery!

Do you ever have weeks where you are constantly on the go?



Datz Dough

Oh me, oh my.


Bright white clouds, glistening chandeliers, melt in your mouth pastries, pink patterned walls…no, this is not Heaven (though it’s pretty close), this is Dough, Datz’s new bakery located just next door to Datz.

Datz Dough

A group of us Tampa Bay bloggers had the honor of being invited for a sampling of Dough’s yummy offerings.


They are currently “slightly open”…they have a good amount of goodies for sale already, but will have even more to offer when they officially open Monday, April 8.

Datz Dough


Once you walk in you’re instantly greeted by smiling faces, cheerful greetings and cases of goodness.

Datz Dough

Datz Dough

Datz Dough

Chocolates, doughnuts, cupcakes oh my!

Jon accompanied me and the first thing we laid our eyes on were the trays of doughnuts. Yeast, cake, glazed, sprinkled…so many choices. We finally decided on a plain glazed yeast and a cake with frosting and macadamia nuts.


Both were some of the best doughnuts we’ve tasted in the area. The yeast doughnut melted in your mouth and the cake was the perfect texture.

Datz Dough

Jon also ordered an espresso and I ordered a latte.

Datz Dough

This is most likely the best latte I’ve ever had. Perfect balance of milk and espresso…not too strong, but still had that buzz. And it was HUGE. I was having orderers remorse though when I heard a server exclaim “who ordered the bacon latte?” Bacon?? Latte?? Bacon Latte??? I decided it was a good thing to try the original first though.

Datz Dough

Next, the gelato.

Datz Dough

Jon grabbed us two samples: Lemon Basil and Peanut Butter Sriracha. Yup, you read that right…Peanut Butter Sriracha.

The Lemon Basil was oh so refreshing and you could really taste the basil…Jon was pretty sure it was Thai basil, which is a bit more pungent.

But this Peanut Butter Sriracha…oh man…

Datz Dough

In one bite your mouth is filled with the flavor of perfectly roasted peanuts…then the slow heat of the sriracha comes through. It is absolutely wild and is one of those foods that has Datz written all over it.

Everything at Dough is made in house, including the gelato. Those chocolates up above are William Dean (drool). There were other amazing looking sweets to try, but Jon and I were trying to stay away from a complete sugar high.

For those familiar with Datz, don’t fret. They won’t be getting rid of their dessert section in their main restaurant. It was explained to me that Datz will focus more on comfort type of desserts (think large slices of cake) and Dough will be more “frou frou”, delicate type of desserts.

I always say that there needs to be more dessert type places in the Tampa Bay area and Dough definitely fits the bill. I can’t wait to return again and again!

To keep tabs on Datz Dough like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DatzDough and follow them on Twitter at @DatzDough.


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