Foodie Finds

It’s no secret that I’m a self proclaimed foodie. And as I scour the aisles at my local grocery store or favorite market I am always coming across new-to-me products. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite foodie finds with you!


First up is the all mighty Pro Bar. Introduced to me by Lora Hogan, she gave me this bar to try a few weeks back. I had it one day after a morning workout and holy wow…delish! Highly highly recommend these for a post workout snack. Lora also loves their energy chews!


I found this Clever Foodies Scramble in the egg section of my local Publix. I love eggs for breakfast and would love to add more veggies in them, but alas I tend to be lazy and just usually top them with salsa. This Scramble takes all the work out for you…just add a few tablespoons to your eggs and cook! Very very tasty. They have a greens version that I’m looking to try out next.


This is my new favorite sauce. I want to have it on everything. I found this at a local European market and decided to try it on chicken. I just baked chicken breasts topped with this Ajvar sauce and served with rice and green beans. So simple and SO yum! This would also be great on a meaty fish. I also want to try it with zucchini noodles.


Another foodie gift from Lora! She gave me one of these Naked smoothies to try since I’m a smoothie fanatic. I LOVE them. I’ve been having them post workout. Great balance of almond milk and berries.


Picked up this white wine at Total Wine and it’s my new fav. Light and crisp with a lot of flavor. Good luck on pronouncing it.

*Foodie tip: Whenever I like a wine I always make sure to snap a pic. Then I save it to a wine photo album on my phone. That way the next time I go to the store I can remember which ones I like!


This Big Spoon Chai Spice peanut butter was one of my finds when Locale in St. Pete first opened. So many amazing flavors playing wonderfully together here. If you love chai flavor you need to hunt this down.

What are some of your recent foodie finds?



Datz Dough

Oh me, oh my.


Bright white clouds, glistening chandeliers, melt in your mouth pastries, pink patterned walls…no, this is not Heaven (though it’s pretty close), this is Dough, Datz’s new bakery located just next door to Datz.

Datz Dough

A group of us Tampa Bay bloggers had the honor of being invited for a sampling of Dough’s yummy offerings.


They are currently “slightly open”…they have a good amount of goodies for sale already, but will have even more to offer when they officially open Monday, April 8.

Datz Dough


Once you walk in you’re instantly greeted by smiling faces, cheerful greetings and cases of goodness.

Datz Dough

Datz Dough

Datz Dough

Chocolates, doughnuts, cupcakes oh my!

Jon accompanied me and the first thing we laid our eyes on were the trays of doughnuts. Yeast, cake, glazed, sprinkled…so many choices. We finally decided on a plain glazed yeast and a cake with frosting and macadamia nuts.


Both were some of the best doughnuts we’ve tasted in the area. The yeast doughnut melted in your mouth and the cake was the perfect texture.

Datz Dough

Jon also ordered an espresso and I ordered a latte.

Datz Dough

This is most likely the best latte I’ve ever had. Perfect balance of milk and espresso…not too strong, but still had that buzz. And it was HUGE. I was having orderers remorse though when I heard a server exclaim “who ordered the bacon latte?” Bacon?? Latte?? Bacon Latte??? I decided it was a good thing to try the original first though.

Datz Dough

Next, the gelato.

Datz Dough

Jon grabbed us two samples: Lemon Basil and Peanut Butter Sriracha. Yup, you read that right…Peanut Butter Sriracha.

The Lemon Basil was oh so refreshing and you could really taste the basil…Jon was pretty sure it was Thai basil, which is a bit more pungent.

But this Peanut Butter Sriracha…oh man…

Datz Dough

In one bite your mouth is filled with the flavor of perfectly roasted peanuts…then the slow heat of the sriracha comes through. It is absolutely wild and is one of those foods that has Datz written all over it.

Everything at Dough is made in house, including the gelato. Those chocolates up above are William Dean (drool). There were other amazing looking sweets to try, but Jon and I were trying to stay away from a complete sugar high.

For those familiar with Datz, don’t fret. They won’t be getting rid of their dessert section in their main restaurant. It was explained to me that Datz will focus more on comfort type of desserts (think large slices of cake) and Dough will be more “frou frou”, delicate type of desserts.

I always say that there needs to be more dessert type places in the Tampa Bay area and Dough definitely fits the bill. I can’t wait to return again and again!

To keep tabs on Datz Dough like them on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter at @DatzDough.


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