How I Fuel My Day

My personal food philosophy is all about balance. I believe in eating all the veggies, but also not denying yourself that piece of cake if you want it. I have learned to listen to my body and to give it what it wants while keeping track of what it needs. On a normal basis you’ll find my plate filled with foods that are energizing, filling and nutritious. However, we can’t expect to have “perfect” meals 100% of the time. It’s dangerous territory when we start to beat ourselves up for not following a meal plan. If I decide to indulge in a juicy burger or a big plate of pasta, I just balance it out with healthier meals the next day. Balance people, balance! Food keeps us healthy and alive, but we should also be able to enjoy it as much as we can.

In saying all of this, I was inspired by GoMacro‘s Fuel Your Day campaign to share how I fuel my day. Here’s a peak into what an average day looks like on my plate!

My mornings start  at 7 a.m. every morning. However, lately it’s been more like 7:30ish (is anyone else still feeling the effects of daylight savings??)

After I feed Miss Maddie and take a shower, I make myself my “green drink”, which is 4 oz apple juice, 8 oz water, 1 scoop Macro Greens and 2 tsp wheat grass. I’ve been starting my day with this drink for months now. It’s a great boost of natural energy and is an easy way for me to get my greens in early on in the day. It’s basically my version of taking a multi-vitamin.

As I’m getting ready I also make myself a matcha to-go and pack my lunch, which includes my apple cider vinegar drink (1 tsp apple cider vinegar, 8 oz water, 1/2 lemon).

I then have to evaluate if I have time to make myself breakfast. Since I’ve been waking up late lately the answer is usually “no”. 

My criteria for breakfast is something quick, full of protein, healthy fat, whole grains and of course, tasty! My go-to’s are usually avocado toast (with or without an egg) or a yogurt bowl with granola and banana.

But on those days where I need to run out the door as soon as possible I always keep some of my favorite bars on hand.



GoMacro bars are one of my absolute fav on-the-go breakfasts. Their Balanced Goodness bar being a more specific favorite. Their bars have just the right amount of calories, protein, carbs and fats to fuel me through the morning. And their ingredient list is on point. ALL real ingredients that you can pronounce. 



If I grab a bar on-the-go I’ll usually also grab a yogurt and/or banana to take with me for a mid-morning snack. Something to keep me from counting down to lunchtime!

Lunch is either leftovers from the night before, a big salad or a mish mash of protein, veggies and grains. If I’m working out later in the day I’ll be more conscious and make sure I have extra protein and/or grains to give me more fuel and to keep me going longer. 

I don’t always have an afternoon snack, but I do have a snack drawer at work if hunger strikes! It’s filled with mostly nuts, dried fruit and bars. If a workout is on my agenda I always make sure to eat something sustainable about an hour before I’m going to be active. This is usually in the form of a bar since I know it’s an easy way for me to get in all the nutrients I need to fuel my workout. This is where I’m glad GoMacro labels their higher protein bars so I know exactly which one to grab! Their Everlasting Joy and Prolonged Power are two of my favs.


Post workout I head home to start making dinner. As I’m cooking, I’ll snack on some veggies and hummus or CHEESE (I heart cheese). Possibly a glass of wine if I’m in the mood for one.

Dinners vary from week to week since I’ve been using Marley Spoon. Since I get to choose my meals though, I always try to choose meals that are high in protein and have ample amount of veggies. 

I’ve been ending my nights with a cup of tea. It helps calm me as I prepare myself for bed. If my sweet tooth kicks in I’ll grab a bite or two from a chocolate bar that I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping in the fridge. 

And that’s a day in the life of Katie’s plate! What are your favorite ways to fuel your day?

Disclaimer: This post was a collaboration with GoMacro, however I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own and I only feature products I truly love!


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