Care Fair, A Bridal Shower and Maddie’s Adoption Day

What a busy, fun and rewarding weekend!

My weekend started off with a lonnggg day on Saturday. I woke up in the dark to head off to volunteer for Junior League of St. Petersburg’s Back to School Care Fair.


This is my favorite event of the year as it’s the biggest and the one that has the most community impact. As a league we partner with other organizations, doctors, etc. to put on this event. This event is where children can get free medical exams, dental exams, vision screenings, free backpacks and school supplies, free helmets and helmet fittings and more. Basically, everything kids need to start the school year off right!


It was a successful day and it was great to serve our community as always.


Later that afternoon I headed to my friend Kyle’s bridal shower.


Yummy dirty Shirley Temple!


Kyle got some awesome bridal gifts!

We also played a few games. One of which was Kyle guessing what her soon-to-be-hubby answered on 19 questions. We were supposed to guess how many we thought she’d get right. I won with my guess of 16! These two know each other a little too well…she was basically answering all the questions verbatim of what her boyfriend had answered.

After the shower I got ready to meet my friend Jen for dinner and a movie. We had dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse, which is a bar grill kind of place. It’s kind of like Cheesecake Factory in that they have a ton of variety. And instead of being known for their cheesecake, they’re know for their pizookies! A pizookie is a cookie pizza…basically a hot from the oven cookie in a pan. YUM.

We saw The Way, Way Back, which was really good and I highly recommend seeing.



Sunday was spent sleeping in, cleaning and then spending time with my Mom.

AND it was also Maddie’s Adoption Day! It’s been one year since we adopted her from New Spirit for Aussie Rescue. We love our girl!


To celebrate I made her doggie cupcakes. She LOVED them and practically ate it in one bite.


This week is pretty low key. Meeting tonight, a few dinners, a dog’s birthday party this weekend…you know, the usual 😉

Seen any good movies lately?

Walkathon Preparation and “Take Out” Meals

It has been a crazy busy week so far!

Monday felt like it would never end. After work I rushed home to change and grabbed Maddie to accompany me on errands. She had been alone all day and I felt bad leaving her again.

First stop was Big Fish Co. to pick up my team t-shirts for this weekend’s Southeastern Guide Dogs Walkathon. Love how they came out! I’ve ordered shirts from Big Fish before and they always do a great job. There are probably cheaper places, but their service is great and they didn’t charge that much extra to create a graphic for me.

I felt bad that we wouldn’t make it to the dog park (we try to take Maddie every day), but then I remembered we were near Crescent Lake Park and they have a dog park. So we stopped by there and Maddie got her play time in. The dog park was much smaller than our usual one, but there were lots of great dogs that Maddie enjoyed playing with and the people were really nice too. Win!

Yesterday I rushed out of the house again to get to Beak’s Old Florida to pre register for the Walkathon. I did not want to deal with any long lines or chaos the morning of the event. The staff from Southeastern Guide Dogs were super nice and registering was easy peasy. I got my Walkathon t-shirt and even a bandana for Maddie!

There was also a furry staff member there as well!

This is Petey, one of their guide dogs in training…how cute is he? When I bent down to pet him he immediately put his paws on my shoulders and licked my face all over. I die.


When I got home I got to work on putting the finishing touches on my Walkathon team goodie bags.


Homemade dog treats! I used Marta Stewart’s Apple Cheddar Dog Biscuit recipe. They are Maddie approved and I sold some at a little fundraiser we had in the beginning of the month and they went like hot cakes.

protein bites

I also made a healthy treat for the people as well. I followed the base of Fitnessista’s Amazeball recipe, but doubled it and added dried dates and shredded coconut.

I just love these little bags I found. The designs are so cute and I’m a sucker for anything bright and colorful. Found these for $2 each at Micheal’s.

southeastern guide dogs walkathon

Inside each bag are our team t-shirts, bandanas I had made for each team member bringing their dog, homemade dog treats, homemade protein bites, the recipes for both and instructions for Saturday. Can’t wait to hand these off to my team!

Because I’ve been so busy this week I have not had the time or energy to make myself dinner. Luckily, there are a few places in St. Pete, where you can grab healthy, freshly made prepared food.

Monday it was Rollin’ Oats. They always have a variety of meal items in their cafe and change up what they offer every week or so.

rollin' oats dinner

Salmon cakes, beet quinoa salad and kale salad.

Last night was Fresh Market. Since I’ve seen them squeeze mac and cheese out of a plastic bag I know that they don’t necessarily make all their food items on location. But their stuff still tastes pretty darn good. And they have an awesome selection of healthy soups, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, etc. Side note: Fresh Market is the Target of grocery stores. I actually made it out of there yesterday with just the items I came in for. I was tempted by a plethora of items, but held back!

the fresh market dinner

Mini meatloaf with mashed potatoes and corn.

And of course there is now Fitlife Foods.

I definitely want to get back to making myself healthy dinners when Jon is working. I like making something where there will be leftovers throughout the week (saves $). But I like knowing that if I need a healthy, tasty meal, there are excellent places to go.

What’s your go to plan if there’s no time to cook? Any go to “take out” places?

An Empty Plate, Dog Buddies and Delicious Drinks

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a nice weekend 🙂

Jon is going back to a crazy work schedule so we tried to pack as much fun and relaxation into the weekend as we could.

We had a doggie house guest this weekend. Sadie is our neighbor’s dog. Unfortunately, she was our house guest because our neighbor’s wife is unexpectedly in the hospital. Everything seems to be going ok though and she should be home soon.


Friday night, Jon and I went to see An Empty Plate in the Cafe du Grand Boeuf at freeFall Theater. I’m reviewing it for Articulate, so look out for it later this week 🙂

We had our own version of happy hour before we left.


Whiskey sours with orange marmalade. Quite yummy! And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like whiskey. Inspiration came from this Saveur video that our friend Andy edited. They make the drink look SO good.

An Empty Plate was wonderful. Probably the best show I’ve seen in the 2012/2013 season. I laughed, I cried…the actors were perfect and the play itself very well written. If you live in the area I highly recommend seeing it.

freefall theater

Saturday we tried going to the Saturday Morning Market, but it is clearly season as it was VERY crowded at 10 a.m. We took the pups to the dog park and for a walk through Vinoy instead.



Then stopped for lunch at The Burg, where I full enjoyed some pulled pork sliders and fries. They have THE best fries.


Later that night, after a delicious pizza from Cappy’s, we met up with Lora for a drink at Mandarin Hide.

I had a French 75 which was gin, lemon, simple syrup and sparkling wine. It tasted like lemonade and was so delicious and refreshing!


We then headed to World of Beer for a friends birthday. Has anyone tried Zombie Killer? It’s a bit pricey, but it sooo good. We had fun chatting with friends and I even tried my hand at this life sized Jenga.


Ya, I didn’t last 3 rounds.

Jon and I called it an early night since we both had an early wake up call on Sunday.

I had a glorious 6 mile run Sunday morning. Although I like to sleep in, I love starting my mornings early, especially with a run on a nice, brisk day. I feel like I didn’t waste a day!

On par for Sunday was getting Maddie’s picture taken!


I happened upon Jaylin Photography’s facebook page, where I saw she was working on a pet project and looking for dog participants. I’ve been wanting to get professional photos of Maddie so I jumped on the opportunity.

Marilyn, the photographer, met us at Vinoy Park and was as nice as could be. Maddie was the perfect model. She “sat” and “stay”ed very well and I swear she knew she was getting her photo taken the way she looked at the camera.

Here’s a few of my favorite shots from Marilyn’s sneak peak on facebook.

Jaylin Photography

Jaylin Photography

Jaylin Photography

Love them!

Jon and I are not big football fans so we are probably one of the very few that did not watch the Super Bowl last night. I turned it on just for a few minutes when I heard about the power outage, but that was it. Anyone catch the Puppy Bowl? That’s my kind of Bowl 🙂

Jon and I had planned to go out for a nice dinner, but all the places we wanted to go were closed for the game 🙁 Finally, we ended up with homemade Cubans.



Enjoyed with Horrible Bosses. I fell asleep at the end, but I thought it was pretty funny.

Check back later for a recap of my first week on the CrossFit Clean 30 Challenge.

Have you gotten professional photos taken of your pet?

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