Foodie Finds June 2017

Boy, do I have some yummy finds for you all this month! Also, let me know what you’d like to see more of…Snacks? Bars? Drinks? Let me know and I’ll keep an eye out!

Now, let’s get into it shall we?

Dang Chips

All I can say about these is: dang, they are good! Sorry…been waiting a while to say that one. But really, if you have any type of chip addiction it may be best to stay away from these. Because once you pop, you won’t stop. They’re small, crispy and flavorful…I’ll be trying ALL the flavors, please and thank you.

Found at: Rollin’ Oats in St. Pete

Also seen at: Lucky’s Market in Orlando

Trader Joe’s Veggie and Flaxseed Tortilla Chips

Speaking of chips these are my new fav tortilla chips. I was intrigued because they’re made with a ton of veggies, which means more nutrients than your average tortilla chip. They are as yummy as they are hearty. They held up great when I made a healthier version of skillet nachos, and are also good for a chips and salsa snack. Oh and duh, guac also.

Found at: Trader Joe’s

Cucina & Amore Quinoa Meals

These babies are hunger savers when you’re short on cooking time. It’s precooked quinoa that you heat up in the microwave or on the stove, add the accompanying sauce and boom, you’re ready to chow. I tried both the basil pesto and the roasted red pepper and both are delicious. I paired them with chicken and veggies for a complete meal.

Found at: Target

Aloha Bars

I always have bars on hand. I’m not always a big breakfast eater and am usually on the go, so being able to grab something quick, flavorful and nutritious is always a plus. These were new on the shelf at Rollin’ Oats when I spotted them so I had to give them a try. Verdict? They are tasty without being too sweet and I love the punch of protein they give. Great for getting my morning started or after an intense workout. 

Found at: Rollin’ Oats in St. Pete

Heard they’re also at: Target

Vegan Rob’s Brussel Sprout Puffs

So the first time I bought these Jon ended up eating them before I could even try them *sad face*. But I took that as a sign they were really good. Once I got another bag, it was confirmed. These puffs are YUMM-Y. If you’re not into brussels don’t worry…they don’t taste too brussely (they also come in different flavors!)…but they have enough brussel flavor to make us brussel lovers go gaga over them. Great texture and are great as a side for your sandwich or some afternoon munching.

Found at: Rollin’ Oats in St. Pete

What foodie finds have you found lately?


What’s On My Plate – 08/10/15





A delicious breakfast creation by Jon. He’s been really into slow scrambled eggs lately. These eggs were atop toasted baguette, avocado and tomato coulis.



A splurge breakfast! Chocolate croissant from Piquant paired with my morning latte.



I’ve been on an avocado toast kick lately. This was mashed avocado, lox and goat cheese. Hard boiled egg on the side for extra protein.



More avocado toast! Thin layer of onion and chive cream cheese, sliced avocado and lox.



A simple favorite. Toast with peanut butter and banana.



Anddd even more avocado toast! Mashed avocado with sliced hard boiled egg and sriracha. 





Sometimes yummy eats are not pretty eats! Twice baked potato topped with turkey chili. Yum!



After an indulgent day the next day I like to balance out with a colorful salad. Spinach, cucumber, radish, artichokes, hearts of palm and sundried tomatoes. 



More salad! Turkey, a nice cheese that friends brought over, sundried tomatoes and spinach.



This was a meal I whipped together when I thought “there was nothing to eat”. Tomato soup and half a grilled cheese with horseradish cheddar and turkey bacon.



Mmm Bodega for lunch is one of my favs! Pork, rice, black beans and sweet plantains. *drool*



Sandwiches from Pom Pom’s! Jon and I like to split. This was there tuna melt and the turkey with bacon.




We tried Roux for brunch just yesterday and it was delicious! Love their bloody mary’s and this jambalaya was full of flavor and cajun spice.





Quinoa casserole with chicken and mushrooms with a side of asparagus. 



A wonderful Jon creation. Grouper topped with a little brie and mango pineapple salsa. Wild rice and sauteed kale.



And this is what we call leftovers in our house. Pork tenderloin topped with mango pineapple salsa, wild rice with kale and steamed green beans.



This was a new pinterest recipe I tried and it was one of the best quinoa casseroles I’ve had to date! Chicken Chili Quinoa Casserole with chicken, black beans, corn and kale.



I had been craving a huge cobb salad for awhile and finally made one. And it was everything I had dreamed of. Roasted chicken, hard boiled eggs, avocado, radish, cucumber, tomato, turkey bacon and creamy ranch dressing.



I tried this new quinoa pizza crust, which was a yummy and healthy alternative to regular pizza. Find the recipe here.



Before a yoga workshop I wanted a light dinner and sushi from Fresh Market fit the bill!



Feta and spinach stuffed chicken from Fresh Market served with steamed green beans and roasted potatoes. 



These are the BEST chicken wings around. Look at all those garlic bits! You can find these at Chumlee’s in Ellenton. 



Stuffed pepper casserole with ground turkey. Another favorite, tasty and easy casserole!



Another simple, easy and tasty dinner. Baked chicken with ajvar sauce. Served with wild rice and sauteed kale.




Dinner at Ozona Blue in Palm Harbor. This was one of the best dinners I’ve had lately. Everything was fresh and bursting with flavor. 



Bunless burger and fries at Del Frisco’s in Tampa! A yummy meal with a close friend! Another restaurant I’m eager to get back to. 





Key lime flavored yogurt covered pretzels from Fresh Market. SO good.



Peanut butter and honey mixed with greek yogurt and served with bananas…a yummy post workout snack!



A favorite smoothie…almond milk, banana, peanut butter and frozen strawberries. Tastes like PB&J!



I found a new juice place in St. Pete! Super cute shop and super good juice!



Our new favorite dessert. Goat cheese stuffed dates topped with crushed walnuts and drizzled with honey.

What’s been on your plate lately?

What’s On My Plate – 06/09/15




We had friends in town the weekend before last and decided to try a new brunch place. We ended up at Stella’s in Gulfport, which was a cute little spot with friendly service and great food. My corned beef hash was mighty tasty, although I wish there had been more! And who can pass up a bloody with bacon?


Banana stuffed french toast with a side of bacon. A Chef Jon creation on a lazy morning.


Another Chef Jon creation. Eggs with roasted cherry tomatoes, thyme, capicola, cheddar and truffle oil. Served with brioche toast and fresh mango.


A breakfast creation by moi. Base is sauteed kale. Topped with scrambled eggs with gouda, bacon and red chile sauce. Yum-o!


Breakfast cookies from The Protein Bakery that Lora shared with me! I loved loved loved these. They were a great breakfast and good fuel for my workout.



Take out from Pom Pom’s (review here). This was there Cobb sandwich and their House salad. Love them!



Lunch at Red Mesa Mercado. I’ve been dying to try this place and the day finally came! My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach as I ordered their combo platter with a beef taco, a chicken sopa and a pork tamale. Jon had a burrito and was supposed to share with me, but his burrito was a pretty decent size. I had read reviews about the portions being a bit on the small size, but I thought they were pretty on par. And that frozen sangria was phenomenal. 


Homemade cubans and tostones by Chef Jon. *I die* #enoughsaid


Smoked Salmon BLT from Banyan Cafe. We checked out their new location on Central next to Morean Arts Center. It’s just as cute as their MLK location and this sandwich hit the spot. Loved the side of fresh watermelon.


Oh look, a salad! I need more of these in my life right now. Spring mix, marinated artichoke quarters, sundried tomatoes, horseradish cheddar, turkey and ham. Dressing was my fav Brianna’s French Vinaigrette.


Memorial Day dinner! We were going to grill the hot dogs outside, but a storm rolled in (thanks Florida). Served with corn on the cob, sauteed zucchini and homemade potato salad (so good).




I was my friend Lora’s plus one at a wedding last weekend and it was beautiful! The wedding was at Cross Creek Ranch, which was one of my favorite wedding venues I’ve been to to date (despite the ridiculous amount of bugs that bit me throughout the night). Loved their southern BBQ menu. I don’t know who catered their food, but everything was absolutely delicious. That mac and cheese was some of the best I’ve had in a long time. So creamy! Instead of cake for guests they had cupcakes, which adorable and tasty.


So, um, ya…more mac and cheese. Don’t judge! I was joining my friend in eating comfort food after a bad day. Buffalo Mac and Cheese at The Lodge in Tampa…it’s what dreams are made of. Side of broccoli to get my greens in!


For a healthy dinner, the other night I made a quinoa casserole with turkey sausage, zucchini and tomatoes. I used this recipe and just added turkey sausage. Very good and very fresh tasting.



Jon and I had a sushi night at Blue Fugu on St. Pete Beach. Out of all the sushi places I’ve tried in the Tampa Bay area, this place is my favorite. We sit at the sushi bar and chat up the sushi chef and always order their special rolls of the day. They never disappoint. And that plating? Wow. I always say it’s too pretty to eat, but ya…I eat it any way. 

What’s been on your plate lately?

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