Your Perspiration is My Inspiration

Yesterday, I spectated a race for the first time.

And I didn’t just spectate. I cheered!

Running for Brews

And it wasn’t just any ol’ race. It was the St. Anthony’s Triathlon.

Our Running for Beers group had a cheering station set up just before the 10k turn around…pretty much the last big push of the race.

Running for Brews

We had TONS of signs.

Running for Brews

Running for Brews

Lora from Daily Southern Sunshine!

And wrote some fun things on the pavement.



Even though this was my first cheer station, I’m pretty convinced it was the most fun cheer station ever. We had music, a spray hose, food, shots (no joke) and women cat calling the male triathletes as they sped by.

Running for Brews

Cheering is exhausting! I had to catch my breath a few times as I prepared to hoot and holler for another wave of runners. Some smiled, some rolled their eyes, some high fived us, some even stopped to do a little dance in appreciation. Most were in deep concentration as they pushed themselves to get through the last few miles of the race. I saw a girl crying, a man pushing a disabled relative, a man with one leg in a wheelchair, a blind veteran being guided by a friend. Every single one of these triathletes were an inspiration to me, and all others watching. I was not expecting to be so inspired by being a spectator.

St. Anthony's Triatlon

If I knew how to ride a bike (I know, I know) and if I had any swimming skills I would have signed up for a triathlon that very day. Maybe in the future!

However, there is a goal of mine that has been looming around me ever since I started training for my first 5k. The half marathon.

Whenever someone asks me if I’ve done a half or plan on doing a half, I have always laughed and said “Ya, right…that’s too big of a jump for me.” Yesterday, I realized that all that negative talk is not going to get me anywhere. It may be a lofty goal in my mind, but it certainly isn’t unattainable.

And then this morning I read an article about the blind veteran that did the triatholon and read this quote from her: “Don’t let your limitations be your own issue. Get out there and do anything and everything and believe in yourself.”

And that sealed the deal.

I’m planning on running my first half marathon on Sunday, November 24 at the Women’s Running Half Marathon. I haven’t officially registered yet, but the date is on my calendar, as well as the day to start training. This is happening!

Has a race ever inspired you? Have you done a half marathon? If so, what was your first one? Any training tips?

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