No Pants Party and Bra Shopping

Well this already sounds like an interesting post eh?

That’s right. I attended a no pants party. And was the only one wearing pants. Er, shorts.

The party was for this cutie, Kawai’i, who turned 50-ish this past weekend. Her owner decided to throw a no pants party for her in her honor…since she, you know…doesn’t wear pants.


I didn’t really take the theme seriously and I was rushing around too much to remember what the theme was. But I should have known better as the group I hang with is VERY serious about their themes.

My friend Lora and I were greeted at the door with a box, a pair of jeans and a sign that instructed us to leave our pants at the door. Lora was smart and wore a dress (which most girls did). I however was not about to strip down. Modest, party of one.

Our lovely hostess equipped me with a tutu so at least it looked like I may not be wearing pants.



I did feel a little left out as some folks (mostly the dudes) came in some pretty inventive “no pants” outfits.

The next morning I arose bright and early to get a workout in at CrossFit and then got my stretch on with Lora at her Yoga for Runners class. Felt so good! I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll keep saying it until I do it…I must do more yoga.

After going home and showering I realized I had a free afternoon with no plans. I was in the mood to do something so I decided to visit my friend Ashley at International Plaza.


She works in Lingerie Sales at Nordstrom and has been bugging me to come get fitted.

In terms of bras I’ve always thought of Victoria’s Secret as being the go-to place for my bra needs. As I think most women have and still do. I’ve worn three different bra sizes in my lifetime…not sure if it’s because I’ve “grown” or if someone hasn’t been fitting me right, but Ashley did a great job at fitting me and the bras I tried on with her were the most comfortable ones I’d ever had on. And they fit perfectly! With Victoria’s Secret I always felt that even though I was in the right size, they still felt “off”.


Unfortunately, my bank account couldn’t handle all of this wonderfullness, so I left empty handed. But I’ll definitely be make later when I have more dough!

I also hit up Forever21 in search of 90s clothes. I’m having a 90s themed birthday party and boy am I glad 90s fashion is coming back!


I got my whole outfit there and can’t wait to show it off!

This week has flown by…but it’s been fun! A girl in my running group is chair of the Southeastern Guide Dogs Walkathon this year and I’ve decided to help by being on the marketing committee! We had a meeting this week and I’m so excited to be involved and help out an amazing organization.

I also met with Lora to talk about some biz-nas and we had wonderful apps and drinks at one of my fav places, BellaBrava.

I had been thinking about their hummus all day (it has a kick!)


And we couldn’t help but try their new potato chip “nachos”.


Their white sangria was the perfect end to the work day. So refreshing!

Have you ever been fitted? (You should!) Where’s your favorite place to buy bras?

Puppies, Art and Massages

Whew! It sure has been a whirlwind around here!

Last week was full of meetings so it was nice to take a break when Lora invited me to a cookie swap. I didn’t have much time to make something really involved so I looked over my Pinterest and found Peanut Butter Bacon cookies. Oh yes.

peanut butter bacon cookies

These were GOOD. They came out crispier than I thought they would, but they were still a big hit. And super easy to make! Will definitely be making these again.

Jon and I also braved tropical storm Andrea for a night out at Ceviche and drinks at Mandarin Hide.

We had friends over for dinner one night and Jon made a feast with Ropa Vieja, black beans, rice, plantains, Cuban bread and flan.

My bestie Tamsyn came up to visit for the weekend!


Tamsyn only lives a few hours away but usually only passes through St. Pete for a day or a few hours. It was so great to hang with her for a whole weekend!

We started Friday night with dinner at 400 Beach. I had the Mahi Mahi and a few of Tamsyn’s Oysters Rockafeller. Everything was delicious.

Then we went to The Birchwood, which just opened a few weeks ago. It used to be Grayl’s Hotel, but was renovated. It looks awesome! We wanted to check out The Canopy, which is the hotel’s rooftop bar. There was a long line for the elevator up (they were at capacity) so we grabbed a drink inside to wait in line with. We only had to wait 10 or 15 minutes.


The drinks were fabulous. Can’t remember the name of mine, but it had muddled strawberries. Yum!

Upstairs there was a beautiful view of downtown. It was a cool bar, a little too South Beach for my taste, but a nice hangout.


From there we went home to get Jon and went back out. We hit up a few more bars before calling it a night. FYI I know now why I normally avoid First Friday…there were SO many people out. It was actually kind of scary and we passed a few fights that were a brewing.

Despite a late night I was up early on Saturday for a very special date…


…with puppies!

Ashley and I went puppy hugging at Southeastern Guide Dogs’ campus in Palmetto. They always have a litter of puppies and the puppy hugging sessions help socialize the puppies.


Too cute!


If you decide to go make sure you make a reservation. Saturdays fill up quickly!

From there Ashley and I headed to ArtPool.




Each month ArtPool has a party that combines art, fashion and music. I’ve been to a couple and took Ashley to the last one. This time around we decided we wanted to be a part of it. We’ll be modeling in the fashion show on Saturday, June 22. The theme for June is ’80s Pride Prom and the party will be a kick off for pride week in St. Pete. It’s going to be HUGE and awesome. Come out and join the fun! And see me in a fab sequin ’80s party dress 🙂


After our meeting we went home to a just waking Jon and Tamsyn. We went out for a filling dim sum lunch then promptly napped through the afternoon.

For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant that Ashley had just recently tried and raved about. Da Sesto’s in Pinellas Park.


It was delicious and authentic Italian. Some of the best I’ve had in the area!


I had Papperdelle with ham, prosciutto, peas and sausage in a white wine cream sauce.

Mmm this place is definitely going in the rotation.

After dinner we went to The Hollander for drinks. Another place I’ve been meaning to check out. We sat at the bar a fully enjoyed the bars antics and the cool atmosphere.


We called it a night and spent the rest of the night chatting at home.

On Sunday Tamsyn and I went to get massages at Hand and Stone. She had said she really wanted a massage while visiting…I’m not going to argue with that 😉


I had one of the best massages of my life…no joke. My masseuse hit all the right spots, didn’t use too much oil and was nice and firm. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up buying a membership. For $49.95 a month you get a massage or a facial each month. Compared to spa prices this is a really good deal. Plus I’ve been wanting to start getting regular massages. With all the CrossFit classes I go to I get tight really easily. We see massages as a luxury, but it’s actually something we really need to stay happy, healthy and focused!

After our lovely massages we went to Cassis for brunch. Mimosa, Smoked Salmon BLT and a macchiato for me.


Once we were full and happy we hit Central Ave to explore the antique shops. Tamsyn was looking for cool art and I had never been in most of these places. They were all really neat! I know where I’m going this year for Christmas gifts.



It was quite the fun and eventful weekend!

Do you get regular massages?

Walkathon Preparation and “Take Out” Meals

It has been a crazy busy week so far!

Monday felt like it would never end. After work I rushed home to change and grabbed Maddie to accompany me on errands. She had been alone all day and I felt bad leaving her again.

First stop was Big Fish Co. to pick up my team t-shirts for this weekend’s Southeastern Guide Dogs Walkathon. Love how they came out! I’ve ordered shirts from Big Fish before and they always do a great job. There are probably cheaper places, but their service is great and they didn’t charge that much extra to create a graphic for me.

I felt bad that we wouldn’t make it to the dog park (we try to take Maddie every day), but then I remembered we were near Crescent Lake Park and they have a dog park. So we stopped by there and Maddie got her play time in. The dog park was much smaller than our usual one, but there were lots of great dogs that Maddie enjoyed playing with and the people were really nice too. Win!

Yesterday I rushed out of the house again to get to Beak’s Old Florida to pre register for the Walkathon. I did not want to deal with any long lines or chaos the morning of the event. The staff from Southeastern Guide Dogs were super nice and registering was easy peasy. I got my Walkathon t-shirt and even a bandana for Maddie!

There was also a furry staff member there as well!

This is Petey, one of their guide dogs in training…how cute is he? When I bent down to pet him he immediately put his paws on my shoulders and licked my face all over. I die.


When I got home I got to work on putting the finishing touches on my Walkathon team goodie bags.


Homemade dog treats! I used Marta Stewart’s Apple Cheddar Dog Biscuit recipe. They are Maddie approved and I sold some at a little fundraiser we had in the beginning of the month and they went like hot cakes.

protein bites

I also made a healthy treat for the people as well. I followed the base of Fitnessista’s Amazeball recipe, but doubled it and added dried dates and shredded coconut.

I just love these little bags I found. The designs are so cute and I’m a sucker for anything bright and colorful. Found these for $2 each at Micheal’s.

southeastern guide dogs walkathon

Inside each bag are our team t-shirts, bandanas I had made for each team member bringing their dog, homemade dog treats, homemade protein bites, the recipes for both and instructions for Saturday. Can’t wait to hand these off to my team!

Because I’ve been so busy this week I have not had the time or energy to make myself dinner. Luckily, there are a few places in St. Pete, where you can grab healthy, freshly made prepared food.

Monday it was Rollin’ Oats. They always have a variety of meal items in their cafe and change up what they offer every week or so.

rollin' oats dinner

Salmon cakes, beet quinoa salad and kale salad.

Last night was Fresh Market. Since I’ve seen them squeeze mac and cheese out of a plastic bag I know that they don’t necessarily make all their food items on location. But their stuff still tastes pretty darn good. And they have an awesome selection of healthy soups, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, etc. Side note: Fresh Market is the Target of grocery stores. I actually made it out of there yesterday with just the items I came in for. I was tempted by a plethora of items, but held back!

the fresh market dinner

Mini meatloaf with mashed potatoes and corn.

And of course there is now Fitlife Foods.

I definitely want to get back to making myself healthy dinners when Jon is working. I like making something where there will be leftovers throughout the week (saves $). But I like knowing that if I need a healthy, tasty meal, there are excellent places to go.

What’s your go to plan if there’s no time to cook? Any go to “take out” places?

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