Blue Moon Yoga Practice With Illuminated Living

Last Friday I had the wonderful pleasure of attending Annette Scott of Illuminated Living’s Blue Moon yoga practice. 

From the Illuminated Living website: 

As a licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher and personal trainer Annette has spent the last 10 years of her career uniting her love for teaching, bodywork, yoga, nutrition, aromatherapy, energy work, functional anatomy and dynamic exercise.

As an instructor, she has a friendly, engaging approach that conveys her deep enthusiasm and love for learning. She combines the wisdom of pioneers alongside current research and development with her passion to create an inspiring, holistic and dynamic learning environment.

Her life and practice is an integration of intuition and intellect that is grounded in the belief of deep listening and presence. She is guided by an abiding trust in the wisdom of the human body and nature. Annette continues to work in the field as a massage therapist, personal trainer, yoga teacher, clinical aromatherapist, lifestyle and nutrition coach and doula.

Annette’s Blue Moon practice was an all female practice geared towards us using the moon’s energy to seek balance and beauty within ourselves. A blue moon is seen as a time to start a new phase in our lives. To put the past behind us and look forward towards the future.

Our practice was supposed to be on the beach beneath the moon itself. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating. Thankfully we had the use of a spacious common room that served it’s purpose perfectly.


We started our practice with a prayer outside, opening ourselves to receiving energy from the east, west, south, north, earth and the sky. 


We did our practice surrounded by candle light and moved through a variety of poses, with a focus on heart and hip openers.



Annette also led us through a variety of chants, which I had yet to experience in my yoga practice. The chants made me feel more open, gave me more energy and made me feel more connected to our practice.



The energy throughout the room was amazing and I loved the energy our all female practice was creating. The practice left me feeling more energized, more open to my inner thoughts and also more open to what lays ahead in the future.



After our practice, we had some fun!


Bottles of wine were opened, snacks and dessert were set out and lovely conversations were had.




The weather had cleared up so we were able to walk down to the beach and enjoy the smooth breezes as we sipped our wine and mingled with one another.


Annette’s Blue Moon practice was an amazing experience and I look forward to attending more of her workshops in the future. This was also my first time meeting Annette and she herself, is a warm, friendly and wonderful woman who exudes a very positive energy. 

For more information on Annette and her services, including upcoming workshops visit her website at

Disclaimer: I attended this workshop at no charge in exchange for a blog post. My opinions, as always, are my own.


Even though I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write some actual posts I still wanted to give an update on some fun things that have been going on. So here’s a rundown!

New Years Day Party – My friend Lora had her annual New Years Day party. This is one of my favorite parties throughout the year. We gather with friends and enjoy champagne, collared greens, black eyed peas and all those other foods that are deemed to bring you luck. Always a fun time!

Yoga with Lora – Lora taught a fun class at the Timothy Raines art gallery in downtown St. Pete. I hadn’t done yoga in so long and this class was tough for me. But I was glad I got some stretching in.




Sick – The day after yoga I realized I was sick. Ugh. Luckily it only lasted about a week with a few days of me feeling pretty out of it. Luckily puppy cuddles helped.


Mayoral Ball – The Junior League of St. Petersburg hosted the Mayoral Ball for new mayor! It was a fabulous night and made me so proud to be a part of such an amazing organization.


Karen’s Birthday – My friend Karen celebrated her birthday! We had a yummy sushi dinner and then drinks at Mandarin Hide. And no birthday is complete without champagne with a sparkler!




KIND – I have a new side gig! I’ve accepted the position as a Brand Ambassador for KIND. They had called me for a phone interview around the time I accepted my position at Massage Envy. It’s a part time job so I figured I’d do the interview to see if anything came of it. Fast forward a few months later and here I am! As a brand ambassador I’ll be representing KIND at local events and in store demos, as well as helping them with KIND acts in the community. I’m so excited to be a part of another amazing brand and will keep you up to date!


Enterprise Dog Park – Jon and I have been wanting to take Maddie to this park for quite a while and we finally decided to go. It was one of those perfect weather kind of days and Maddie loved the change of scenery. The park has a trail that you can walk along and is much more fun than just a plain open area of grass.




Lone Survivor – I saw Lone Survivor with my friend Ashley. It was really good, but much more graphic than I expected (lots of blood and such). If you go see it bring tissues. What an amazing story.

Neuhaus Chocolates – My aunt in NY always sends us Neuhaus chocolates at Christmas. They are the BEST chocolates I have ever had. Seriously. Go buy a box. Or two.

JUICE – I love it. That’s pretty much it. Oh, and I wish it wasn’t so darn pricey. To buy and to make.




CrossFit Games – Yup, I am officially crazy. I signed up for the CrossFit Open. Our coaches have been encouraging everyone to sign up and since I thought of myself as still “new” last year I didn’t sign up and promised myself I would this year. I like that on their site they say that the open is literally open to everyone. And I’ve heard they’ve scaled back the first couple of workouts so that everyone can feel more comfortable in participating.


Dinner with Kyle and Jesse – We had a lovely dinner at our friends, Kyle and Jesse’s, house. We brought Maddie with us and she and their dog Barkley played like crazy while we feasted. My contribution was a homemade lemon tart with a rosemary crust that was made with greek yogurt. I over worked the dough a bit and the crust was chewy, but it was still great tasting!


Car Troubles – Oi vey. When it rains it pours. I’ve had to do SO much to my car lately. I fixed two oil leaks, got new tires and then my serpentine belt broke on me. Hopefully my poor car doesn’t have any other repairs in the near future.

Family – My family was just here this past weekend for a little family reunion! My aunt and uncle from NY came and so did my uncle and his girlfriend from Texas. I hadn’t seen my uncle from Texas since I was maybe 10 years old, so it was especially great to see him and get to know him better now that I’m an adult. We all had a great weekend catching up, learning Texas Hold’Em and having fun!


Chill, ARTPool and Inversions

Friday already? Holy cannoli!

Per usual, let me back up and fill you in.

After accompanying Ashley to the emergency vet (no worries, pup is all good!) we decided it was happy hour time.

To the beach!


Mmm nothing says Friday like a margarita amiright?

Then to one of our fav places, Chill, for dinner.


It was Creative Loafing‘s Restaurant Week and we couldn’t resist trying their menu.



We shared the goat cheese tapanade, which included all of my favorite things: goat cheese, figs and sundried tomatoes.


I had the Espresso Beef and Ashley had the Chicken. Both were delicious and filled with great flavor.



Then a red velvet brownie for dessert. I think I’d prefer red velvet cake, but this was still mighty tasty.


We called it an early night because Saturday was going to be a LONG day!

After a sweaty CrossFit workout Ashley and I headed to Lola Jane’s to get our make up done for ARTPool‘s 80s Pride Prom. You may remember I’ve attended a few of ARTPool’s parties in the past and they were freaking awesome. This time around I wanted to be a part of it! And Ashley thought it would be fun too. So we signed up to be models in the runway show.

Little did she know what they would do to her face…



I love getting my make up done…even when it’s crazy stuff like this! Can you believe we walked into a Starbucks like this?

We arrived at ARTPool at 6 p.m. to start getting ready.




Loved the big red bow on the back 🙂

At one point I actually had an outfit change since one of the girls didn’t show up.


This was super comfy and I got lots of compliments.

Throughout the night we had fun dancing on stage getting the crowd riled up and meeting lots of cool, new people. A lot of girls in the show are regulars at ARTPool and were super nice.



We rocked the run way and then were able to hang out and enjoy the rest of the performances. It was a fun night!

Sunday was a more low key day that started off a restorative yoga class with Lora.


An inversion for Inversion-A-Day!

Being upside down used to really freak me out, but I got over it quick at CrossFit (handstand push ups). Check out Lora’s post on inversions on why you should be doing them more often!

Then it was off to a work event for a few hours. But after that Ashley and I decided to go to the movies to see The Bling Ring. I feel like this is one of those guilty pleasure movies that people want to see (or just me). It actually wasn’t too bad. Loved Emma Watson. She sounded/acted just like the girl she was portraying…anyone remember Alexis Neiers from Pretty Wild? Ya, that’s her. The movie was a lot of partying, which I guess is expected.

This week has been pretty low key and looking forward to a low key weekend as well. Going to try and hit up Pride tomorrow though to help celebrate the end of DOMA!


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